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College Den Hulster (Venlo) is a secondary school for students of all abilities from VMBO (lower general secondary education), HAVO (higher general secondary education) to VWO (pre-university education). The school has students in the age range 12 to 19. In 1995 Den Hulster launched a bilingual VWO stream (Dutch-English). In this six-year course students learn English through immersion: 50% of the lessons are taught in English. At the end of the course they take the exam for the IB certificate language A2. In 2008 College Den Hulster introduced an extra feature, called Technasium. In Technasium students get science education in an entrepreneurial research context. Instructed by local business enterprises, students work on real-life assignments. Research and Design is an official extra examination subject for Technasium students.

Den Hulster is a non-denominational school with about 180 teachers and 50 non-teaching staff. The school building is modern and spacious with all necessary facilities for sports, science, art and technology, an open learning centre, a school hall, a fitness centre etc.

The average student has about 30 fifty-minute lessons a week and two hours of homework a day. Lessons start at 8.15 and end at 14.10 (on average), with three breaks in the morning, at noon and in the afternoon. The subjects taught at Den Hulster are: Dutch, French, German, English, history, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, science, economics, philosophy, handicraft, art, music, physical education, home care, social studies, cultural education, technology, computer studies, research and design and various courses.

A noteworthy aspect of school life at Den Hulster is the great number of extracurricular activities on offer, such as excursions, the film club 'Hulster Movies', school parties, activity-days, trips to Italy, Paris, Berlin and London, survival trips in Belgium, sports, the annual theatre show, the Theatre Class, sailing camp etc. An extra dimension in international orientation are exchanges for both students and teachers and bilingual education. The school has contacts with schools in Cambridge (Britain), Malahide, Galway (Ireland), Madrid (Spain), Krefeld, Geldern, Nettetal, Neuss, Moers, Dusseldorf (Germany).

Sports features high on the agenda at College Den Hulster. The school has close ties with the local FC VVV and it is part of the National Network for Top Sport and Education (LOOT). PE is an exam subject and talented students get extra PE in the Sports Class.

In College Den Hulster's vocational department (VMBO) students can take technical, economics and home care courses at all levels up to intermediate. In the Technodôme these students get technical education, together with students of the Gilde vocational college.


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